A Vaan is not for everyone. Not by design and nature, but also not by quantity. In the coming two years we will build only a limited number. To reserve a building slot, you can pre-order the R4 today.

A pre-order will reserve the first open building slot for you, in order of arrival. Shortly after making your reservation we will inform you of the estimated delivery date for your R4. The current delivery time is about 14 months. The estimated starting price for the R4 will be €399.000,- excluding VAT.

By paying the pre-order fee of €2.500,-, you are not purchasing a yacht, you are only reserving the earliest open building slot. Once we provide you with the estimated delivery date you can choose to use your reserved building slot, or not. If you choose to use your slot, we will enter into a purchasing agreement and the pre-order fee will be deducted. If at any time you wish to cancel your pre-order, we will refund you in full.